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Keane briefly discuss whether the trust may have influenced the outcome, but rejects finally that this affected the results. Keane concludes that the theory of bounded rationality is a better explanation of the consumer showed attitudes. When the topic of trust explored seen that joachim et al. Joachims, wants to investigate whether the consumer is influenced by the location of professional seo services the search engines, using eye-tracking. There is in this study focus on, to see if the resulting tendency to choose the top search results are influenced by confidence in the search engines. The results showed that participants looked equally on søgeresultat and, but click rate was much higher at søgeresultat above, which was concluded was because of the trust that the user had to search engine and its ability to find relevant results joachims. In the academic literature seen studies that reject the theory of tilled.

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The result showed that the main explanatory factor was how close the property was placed on top, and showed hereby again, a tendency that users selected search results generated top of the results bar-ilan.there is discussed whether the consumer looking results through until they find a result that just satisfies their criteria, without this result need to be the optimum result. The experiment of bar-ilan supported hereby previous studies where the focus was on the theory of bounded rationality. Several academic studies local business seo demonstrating a tendency that the user selects search results emerged top of the results. However, there are split about whether the reason for this is due to a build confidence in the search engines, theory of bounded rationality, physical discomfort, or a completely different explanation. However, there is evidence that users prefer search results generated at the top of the results list, just justification as previous studies disagree.

There do not appear in any academic study how these displayed trends can be used by companies and their brands, and the literature is hereby deficient in this area, which this thesis want to showcase how this and other survey questions can contribute to this. There is the thesis a desire to examine whether the observed preference in the literature see. Section is also applicable to the danish market. It is conceivable that several cultural factors and technological advances in general, can have an influence on whether this preference is existing on a global level and thus on the danish market. The latest research on the subject er years old, and because of technological developments in the field, this is to be regarded as obsolete. The hypothesis is that previous studies in this area would not be applicable in denmark, or apply to a lesser extent, as they primarily took place in countries where the technological development and access to the internet is more advanced.

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In addition, there is also observed several cultural different between the applied countries and denmark. Through the questionnaire, respondents were confronted with a track record where all the properties around brandet etc. Was removed so the focus remained on the set results in the results. There was then asked about which of the following search results that replied to the set search best. The results list the participants were presented with was based on the search buy vitamins online. The set search was chosen for more info this purpose, to eliminate potential bias, since it is assumed that people not previously have special associations across from vitamin pills and branding effect is not tilstedeværende.

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To analyze the results, half of the respondents added to the original list of results, and the other half was put facing the opposite result list. There will thus be possible to show whether a preference for search results generated in the top in the results, was present among respondents. Preliminary results give an insight into that part of the respondents had a preference small business seo packages for search results emerged among the top on the list, while searching for results at the bottom of the list, both the reverse and the original result list.there is a greater tendency for respondents choosing to search results obtained in the top at the original results list appears across the reverse result list. Try to show the same trend, through studies where participants had to choose the best ranking of search results from two alternatives, one of which original ranking and a reverse.